Serving the industry for over 30 years.

Sue Holmes Marine Tax Consultancy is ‘Big Enough to Cope, but Small Enough to Care’.

Sue Holmes is a private Tax Consultant specialising in Marine Tax with over twenty years’ experience in this field.

The rules and regulations relating to the taxation of seafarers have become more complex with time. Questions which were not applicable years ago are now at the forefront of the seafarer’s mind.

For example:

1. Is the vessel I am serving on regarded as a ship for 100% claim purposes?

2. Do I need to enter a foreign port?

3. When is the ship regarded as being outside the UK?

4. Will it be necessary for me to take a holiday abroad?

Forward planning is essential for successful claims.

With a regular supply of your travel details we can ensure that you spend your full entitlement of time in the UK without jeopardising your claim.

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